Gregory Ferenstein enters the speaking circuit with over 10 years of experience teaching communication skills. Every talk is custom tailed to each event or conference.  Here are a few samples talks:

A Brave New Wikiworld - From Google to the Obama Campaign, learn about a new organizational model dominating the 21st Century (Video below)

Power Networking with Social Media - Learn the tricks of how to network with the social media elite and get more influential people to broadcast your information. From the tricks of email introductions to flattering blog posts, the nuances of selflessness go far in the Internet world.

The Neo-Conservative Mind: They’re not evil, they’re paranoid - Why do some conservatives support big government? Why did the United States rush into the Iraq War. Learn the underlying psychology that drives the most powerful wing of the Republican party.

Generation Y - Gen Y has entrepreneurial cultural steeped in chaos, yet also one that holds an almost aggressive sense of charitableness. This is a talk about the distinctive psychology and philosophy of a generation that will soon run the economy.

How to Write a Great Blog Post - The most important principle behind a great blog post is to assume your readers have acute Attention Deficit Disorder –the rest is explanation.